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Hey gang;

Well, I am looking at houses in Ogdensburg NJ, drove up there yesterday to poke around.
I like it a lot, nice mountains, very country compare to where I am now.

As only you guys would understand cycling is going to play a big hand in where I decide to hang my hat for the next 10 years or so. So I am wondering if anyone has experience cycling in the Sussex county area.

From what I saw there are a lot of main roads (highways) and I would rather avoid riding on something like that, I'd much rather be on a nice quiet country road weaving through the mountains somewhere.

The other thing that I am concerned about is BEARS, I never lived in Bear country before and a hungry bear is going to have no problem tracking my fatass down on a bike, that's for sure.

So let's hear it.


413 Posts
First of all, the bears seem to run the other way when they see a cyclist coming; usually you only get a glimpse of a big black butt heading for the hills. You may start to look forward to these encounters.
As for calm roads, there are plenty, and you can get more climbing in than you'll know what to do with! I live in Vernon, which is a warm-up ride from Ogdensburg, and I'd be happy to show you some good rides. Vernon has some of the best short climbs in the area (look for Glenwood Mountain Road, Drew Mountain Road, and Lake Pochung Road), and there are plenty of longer uphill roads in the county (High Point is a good one). The connecting roads can be busy (Rt 23 and 94, not so much 517 and 565), but there are connecting backroads that you can ride for hours on end with little to no traffic concerns. By the time you make your way into Wantage, you'll find yourself in the middle of scenic farmland and rolling hills, without a care for passing cars.

The YMCA in Hardyston is slowly forming a triathlete club, and has Sunday morning rides that cover some excellent low traffic roads (Beaver Run is a road you'll want to check out) at a more or less "recovery' pace. We also have a local road group, Skylands Cycling, that holds weekly group rides and a crit at the fairgrounds every Tuesday. Stop and see Jason at Sussex Bike Shop on Rt 23 between Hamburg and Sussex for any tips or needs.
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