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If you work in the medical field and/or with cyclists consider attending the 2018 Medicine of Cycling Conference Aug 18-20 in Colorado Springs at the USA Cycling Headquarters. The regular conference is Aug 19 and 20 and host a range of social and academic activities faculty includes Prentice Steffen MD iconic medical director of Garmin/Cannondale, Chris Stockburger MD former pro now orthopod, Inigio San Milan PhD perhaps the smartest physiologist living.
Aug 18 there are the options of Curtis Cramblett, PT, CFMT, CSCS master course on bike fitting, or of Mark Greve MD Medical Emergencies in Cycling Course, the only trauma training program for the roadside management of competitive cycling injuries.
It's a great time and this is important work and we hope you can attend. Attendees span accross a range of disciples and training including MDs, Med students, phsyioogists, nutritionists, coaches, PT's, soigniers, mechanics etc...
Medicine of Cycling CME Medical Conference and Sports Med Organization @MedOfCycling
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