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Rain Man
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I win, I win, I win..........

my super hot wife got me:

Reynolds Ouzo Pro seat post
Campy Record Skeleton brakeset
Stronglight Pulsion CT crankset with two extra ceramic chainrings (460 grams)
Planet bike blinkie tail light--the best blinkie under $20 in the universe!

All of this bling for my custom Ti frame being built by none other than Glenn Erickson.

Did I mention that my wife is super hot? And she rides a full Record Giant TCR 0.

'twas a great Xmas indeed.

Plus we gave away two new bikes to families in need.

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my motherinlaw always asks for a list. i supply her with an email with links to the product. where sizes/specs are needed, i list them. she tries to buy my love, so she usually goes overboard. here is what happened:

asked received
crank bros tool flask crank bros tool flask
Booties toe warmers
inflator for threaded/non threaded threaded only inflator
46 tooth/110 chainring 32t/130 chainring
1 1/8 IS headset 1" theaded headset
crank bros SS eggbeaters nashbar spds

however, the worst gift giving belongs to my brother. he gave me a beverage dispenser that looks like a slot machine. and a book on how to make 100 different homemade sausages, along with a kitchen aid sausage stuffer. i thought they might have been gag gifts. alas, they were not.

my wife gave me the same thing she got me last year: nothing. i got her a matching set of earings and necklace. with little diamonds. not entirely chi-chi, but not crappy. every year we have a "lets not buy each other gifts." every year i get her something and she gets me nothing. and she talks about how bad she feels. she didnt even get our kid a gift.

Still On Steel
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I asked for, and got, a Park pedal wrench (something that had never managed to make it into my tool box all these many years), the Park wheel dishing tool thingie, and a pair of PI's toe warmers. I asked for, but didn't get, a Park wheel truing stand ... it seems the one I circled in the catalog was backordered. Ah, well ... there's still some Christmas bonus money looking for a purpose in life, so maybe this'll be it. :cool:

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Its not quite the biggest haul here, but between girlfriend's family getting me gift cards, the girlfriend giving me an eBay gift certificate, and the small Christmas gift I got from work, I got:

Javelin Arcole TT Frame and fork
Zero 050 Carbon Wheels
Blackburn Stainless Steel Cages
Continential Sprinter Tubulars
Ritchey Aerobars
Ritchey Carbon Seatpost
Ritchey WCS Cranks
Shimano bar end shifters
Cinelli Black Carbon effects tape
Shimano 105 SPD SLs
Cane Creek Aero brake levers
Mini Pump for mountain bike

I think its gonna be hard for them to top this next year but I'm willing to let them try.

"Squarehead" in Quebec
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Black Butte Porter (Deschutes Brewing Co.) cylcing jersey
CH Aero Wheel cover (hope to use it this spring in collegiate races)
Michelin pro race II tire
Zinn's guide to bike maintenance
(despite having many mechanic friends I've remained somewhat clueless)

Spent some xmas cash on 30% off sale at LBS and got a new Dura Ace chain and a chain break tool too.

I think I'm pretty much set for the season now...'cept for the strange feeling I felt in my knee the other day....shite!
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