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Stark County, Ohio - The vice president of my cycling club (Stark County Bicycle Club) died after crashing during a ride Wednesday morning. He was 56. No other riders or motorists were near him at the time of the crash, so it isn't entirely clear what happened, and it may never be clear. Here's what is believed to have happened:

The crash occured about midway through a century ride on a descent. Upon examining the site, club members conclude that the rider got his front wheel caught in a rut or crack, lost control of the bike, and was thrown over a guard rail and down a 12 ft. embankment. The first cyclist to approach him saw that the bike's fork was no longer attached to the frame and immediately feared the worst. The first motorist to approach was an RN and had all but pronounced the man dead but was able to restore a pulse. While the RN resuscitated him, the cyclist found the man's cell phone and called 9-1-1. Other club members were notified of the accident as they were gathered around sharing coffee and laughs following a different ride held Wed. morning. The man was flown to the local hospital (Wooster) where he was diagnosed with at least 3 fractured vertebrae in his neck and was flown to Akron where he underwent surgery that evening. On Thursday, he passed away. The man must've landed directly on his neck because there were no scratches or bruises on the rest of his body. There were also no scratches on his helmet. Another club member who visited the scene told me that the man would've survived had he crashed either 20 ft. further up or down the road from where he crashed. If there is any silver lining in this particular cloud, it is that the man was a registered organ donor, so his loss may give new life to many others. Ride safely.
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