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Saddle...Something cheap and sturdy.

spinningsf said:
I'm in the process of a new cyclocross build what are your opinons on good saddles and bar stem combos?
Hi. Here is a good thread from last winter:

You indicate you are building a new cx bike...are you new to cx yourself? If so, learning remounts has the potential to take a toll on fly-weight road saddles (a buddy destroyed a Specialized Toupe this way).

I prefer something simple, cheap (from either the discount bin at my LBS or Ebay), and reliable. CX is short, dirty, and brutal, so all day comfort or saving 50-75 grams have not historically been a priority for me. Saddles I have used with good luck:

Felt and Giant take-off saddles from my LBS discount bin. The Giant is definitely a Velo saddle that fits me well enough, has CR-MO rails, and it is reasonably light (240 grams actual weight if memory serves me correctly). I payed $10, and it was a new swap-out from either a TCR or OCR. I think it is the same saddle as the Velo Pronto S2. The Felt Carbon CR-MO is very similiar.

I did score a Specialized Phenom for $40 on Ebay this spring, and I do love that saddle, but it and the Toupe at 143mm width seem to be made for my back-side. The Phenom is light enough (240ish grams), reliable (chromoly rails), and comfortable. Even at full retail of $80 or so, it is not exotic expensive, and you can find it $10-20 cheaper on Ebay all the time.

Others report good luck with WTB or Forte (Performance's house brand).

As for the Stem/Bar: Thomson X2 and the Ritchey WCS Aluminium bar. Light, reasonably priced, and absolutely reliable. Plus, I like the fact Thomson is still a US company, and Ronnie Thomson was a great friend and advocate of cycling who will be missed (he passed this last January). If you are within a reasonable drive of Macon, GA then you owe it to yourself to go to the annual Ronnie Thomson Appreciation (Memorial??) Day held every January.

Best of luck, and post some pics of the build.
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