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So my recent battery has only been in for two days, but there's a battery dead symbol up on the screen and there's no life in it. Anyone know what the problem is??
From CYCLOPS website:
"Contact us at [email protected] and please include the following information:
•Email Address
•Name of the Product

CycleOps customer service will respond within three business days."

I had the battery problem as well. Updating to a BETA firmware update (BETA = ready for testing by customers) has taken care of the problem. This is for the Joule 1.0 using the watch battery (CR2032). The Joule GPS seems to have no battery issues.

I called them and they told me to send a message through Power Agent (I can't remember specifically how this was done) for a BETA firmware update. I sent the message, closed and reopened Poweragent, and it notified me of a firmware update. I installed it and it has worked about 2 months now with same battery. They said I should get 300 hours of battery life.

Apparently they are having firmware issues with the Joule 1.0 head unit. The initial firmware (which controls how the hardware of the head unit works) was inefficient and leads to the short battery life.

Also, there's a chance that the BETA version is now released and can be attained through the normal update procedure:
Open PowerAgent, hook up your head unit, then Tools, Firmware, Update.
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