CytoSport, Inc., ( began shipping its new Cytomax ENERGY DROPS™ to retailers and distributors nationwide today. Available in 16ct. self-merchandising boxes, the company's entry into the sports performance chew category features two SKUs: Pomegranate Berry/Tropical Fruit in one pouch and Orange/Tangerine in the other. There are five drops of each flavor in each respective pouch. The Orange/Tangerine combination provides an added boost as well (50mg of caffeine per bag).

The pouches are peggable, allowing retailers the option of selling individual units or by the box. SRP is $1.99 each. A durable foil wrapper protects the DROPS from the sweat, water and dirt that athletes may encounter during racing and training. Each bag measures 5⅞ inches tall by 3 inches wide and is easily stored in a jersey pocket, backpack or suitcase.

"Our ENERGY DROPS offer a great-tasting, portable means by which athletes can carry fuel," said Greg Sellers, Cytomax brand manager. "We've incorporated our Advanced Carbohydrate System, which takes advantage of the body's ability to transport and deliver different carbohydrate sources through multiple unique pathways, into our entry into the sports performance chew category."

Like Cytomax® Sports Performance Drink, ENERGY DROPS foundation is anchored by the Advanced Carbohydrate System (ACS), featuring alpha-L-Polylactate™. Alpha-L-Polylactate is a proprietary ingredient that provides superior fuel to working muscles while lowering acid buildup. Alpha-L-Polylactate, combined with an unrivaled carbohydrate blend, utilizes multiple pathways of absorption for vital electrolytes and carbohydrates from the intestine into the bloodstream. This carbohydrate blend provides fast, intermediate and prolonged energy, helping athletes perform at high levels for extended periods. ENERGY DROPS do not contain artificial sweetener, artificial flavor, gluten or milk products.