DannyShane presents their proprietary, eco-friendly 50% polyester and 50% Bamboo White Ash (BWA) fabric for their Performance jerseys and polos and their new Urban collection for the commute, workplace and lifestyle.

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Danny Hunt, CEO of DannyShane, shows us some of their new modern-classic pieces such as the Bluewater Plaid and Greystone jerseys, as well as the new Urban collection jacket, Polos, scarves and knickers.

DannyShane Interbike 2014 Booth

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The DannyShane Bluewater plaid collection is a signature piece that's classic, stylish and highly visible. The Nelson Pearl is more classic with horizontal strips and both coordinate well with the bibs. The Greystone is another modern classic jersey. DannyShane's apparel features a proprietary fabric that's 50% polyester and 50% Bamboo White Ash (BWA). The fabric is soft, breathable like cotton, wicks moisture rapidly, anti-odor and anti-static.

New for this year and available this Fall is DannyShane's Urban collection for the commute, workplace and lifestyle. The Urban jacket features DannyShane's signature plaid accents and buffalo leather on the back. Also new are the bamboo scarves that soft, comfortable and breathable.

The DannyShane down jacket is is 97% down, ultralight and folds into a 4-inch square. It's a great jacket for winter commuting.

The DannyShane polo collection is made with the same proprietary fabric as the jerseys. They are great for on and off the bike.

Also new for 2015 is the Spring Knicker lifestyle short. Made of a Poly Lycra, cotton blend with accents of plaid throughout. The knicker also features the bamboo fabric in the places where a rider will tend to perspire when cycling.

Gallery: DannyShane Bluewater, Greystone jerseys and Urban collection and down jackets

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