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Day off ride report

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As promised I am posting a proper ride report from North Dakota! I am really just excited that I can actually get out and ride! The temps are going back down over the weekend, so I'll probably be back to gerbil racing again :( .

Heading out the Air Force has lots of old airplanes it uses in place of sculpture. Leaving the friendly confines of Minot Air Force
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The Roads are improving

The ND DOT has done a really good job of keeping the main roads clear. The back roads still leave something to be desired. Notice the lack of turns? It goes with the lack of trees, hills, and terrain. One thing we don't lack up here is wind. The last shot is into the teeth of a 15 mph headwind. (Yes, I know I am weak and slow)
Well, its something like climbing

This is what passes for a hill around here. This place is very against my body type! I like old barns what can I say. Besides, I needed something that appeared to be scenic out here, I don't have much to work with. I really thought that Hooterville was in Indiana or some place like that. 100 points to anyone who can attatch the Green Acres theme to this post.
Headin home!

If you look really hard you can see the tail section of the B-52's that I work on. Minot is also a missle base, and they use old missles for art as well. (Please insert rude comments here.) Back through the gate and heading home!
Too much time on my hands...

Click here for theme song:

<a href=>Theme Song</a>

Nice report.
110 points to JohnL!!!

I now have the only ride report with a theme song in it! :cool: :cool: If only these acres were actually green right now.
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