Michelin recently launched their new line of Pro 4 road clincher tires during the Tour de France. The Pro 4 line of tires includes the Pro 4, Pro 4 Comp, and the Pro 4 Endurance.

The Pro 4 will use same casing as the outgoing Pro 3 tire, but for Pro 4 Michelin focused on improving the longevity of the compound. With the Pro 4, users should expect to see 30-50% more miles than the Pro 3. Since the casing is the same as the Pro 3, the new Pro 4 tires will weigh the same as the outgoing model at 200 grams per tire. Updated also is the profile of the tire. Borrowing from their moto tech experience, the tire now has a sharp profile. The new profile is designed to improve grip by 13% by getting the tire into leans faster for a bigger contact patch.

The Pro 4 Comp on the other hand utilizes a brand new redesigned casing. At 150tpi the Comp will actually come in 20 grams lighter than the regular Pro 4 at 180 grams. The Comp uses the same compound and profile as the regular Pro 4, so you can expect the same gains in contact patch and milage. But save 20 grams...

For 2012 the Krylion tire is being discontinued, or rather it's being renamed and brought into the Pro 4 family as the Pro 4 Endurance. It'll feature the same durability that riders have come to know of the Krylion, but Michelin have improved weight and grip a bit.

Pricing was not yet available, but look for the new tires to start showing up at dealers in early 2012.