There's no time like the present to prepare your bike for a long season of riding. This is the perfect time of year to upgrade your road or gravel bike with fresh components. We've rounded up the best deals on Shimano and SRAM replacement parts to refresh your ride.

SHIMANO Ultegra Di2 ST-R8050 11-Speed Shifters - Save 26%
Borrowing heavily from the top-tier Dura Ace levers, the R8050's are redesigned with improved ergonomics in mind. Because much less space is needed to house electronic buttons versus mechanical bits, the hoods are much more compact, lighter, and the lower profile feels great, perfect because that is where we spend most of our time while riding. Shimano even went so far as to create a new rubber compound and tread for the hoods that is designed to reduce vibration and improve grip.

Original Price: $337.99
Sale Price: $249.99
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SHIMANO Ultegra Di2 RD-RX805 Rear Derailleur - Save 10%
The Ultegra Di2 RD-RX805 Rear Derailleur is meant to take on all the rigors of rough road and gravel riding. Its clutch system improves shifting and reduces noise from chain slap, and there's compatibility with both 1x and 2x drivetrains and Shimano Di2 shifters.

Original Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $269.99
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PRO Discover Carbon Handlebar - Save 20%
With the Pro Discover Carbon Handlebar, you’ll have a multi-purpose design that is off-road ready without deviating entirely from the road-specific performance construction. Lightweight carbon checks in at about 200 grams for the size range, keeping weight low for lightweight bikepacking or flighty climbing on training rides. A short drop of 110mm keeps body-positioning moderate while transitioning to the 20-degree flared drops in search of stability and control on rowdier terrain.

Original Price: $339.99
Sale Price: $271.99
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SHIMANO Quick Link For 11-Speed Chain - Save 36%
To fix your broken chain, simply join the broken chain ends by snapping the quick link together in the intended direction (there's an arrow direction indicator) and applying a bit of pressure from a turn of the cranks. Voila! You're now ready to get back in the saddle on the road or trail.

Original Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $10.95
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SHIMANO Ultegra SM-BBR60 Bottom Bracket - Save 20%
Shimano's Ultegra SM-BBR60 Bottom Bracket was made with the same high level of precision that you've come to expect from the engineers at Shimano. The silky-smooth steel bearings, advanced sealing, and high manufacturing tolerances make the SM-BBR60 the perfect bottom bracket choice for either your English-threaded frame.

Original Price: $31.99
Sale Price: $25.59
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SRAM Force 22 Shifter & Hydraulic Disc Brake Set - Flat Mount - Save 23%
Gear up for road riding with SRAM's Jack-of-all-trades Force group. This 12-speed brake/shift combo is perfect for road or gravel bikes with 2x drivetrains.

Original Price: $750.00
Sale Price: $578.54
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ZIPP Service Course SL-80 Handlebar - Save 20%
You could pay top dollar for carbon bars and hope they don't break when you crank into a sprint or take a tumble, or you could trust your first-place finish and cockpit durability to the 7050 aluminum of Zipp's Service Course SL-80 Handlebar. They weigh only 60g more than Zipp's comparable carbon bars, and have a relatively short 80mm reach that makes the drops more accessible without needing a shorter stem, which can make the bike twitchy.

Original Price: $109.95
Sale Price: $87.96
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SRAM 12-Speed Road PowerLock - Save 20%
The 12s Road PowerLock chain connector is required for installing the all-new SRAM eTap AXS chains. The chain has a unique link shape thus requiring a new connecting link. It requires no tools to install once the chain is cut to length and a new one is recommended every time the chain is removed. Keep some on hand in the toolbox, saddle bag, and workbench.

Original Price: $17.00
Sale Price: $13.60
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SRAM Pro Brake Bleed Kit - Save 25%
If you're bleeding brakes once a year or so, SRAM's standard brake bleed kit will do just fine, but when your garage is nothing shy of a quiver of bikes built up with disc brakes, chances are you'll want to service things a little more frequently. SRAM's Pro Brake Bleed Kit builds on the standard kit, and elevates by omitting plastic plungers on syringes and opting for metal that withstands repeated use.

Original Price: $88.00
Sale Price: $66.00
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SRAM CenterLine Rounded Rotor - Save 32%
In order to keep up with the evolving requirements of cycling's governing body, SRAM has softened the edges of its CenterLine Rounded Rotor. The 12-spoke design reduces warping and distortion when you're pushing your brakes to the absolute limit on scintillating downhills over thousands of vertical feet.

Original Price: $44.00
Sale Price: $29.95
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