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Death of a Tarmac SL=(

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Hi guys,
Guess you guys will be interested to see the outcome of a crash for a Tarmac SL. Sad to say I only had this for less than 2 months=(

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R.I.P. Was the frame damaged or just the forks?
Out of curiosity

Just what on earth happened there? I don't see any scratching, but maybe it's just a bad pic. Did your wheel pick up a log or something? Or was it a rooftop accident?
Either way, such a sweet bike in a sweeter color scheme, doesn't Specialized have a replacement policy?

Ride, rinse, repeat.
It was a peloton crash. I was surpised too that it doesn't have much scatches but I did dent my front wheel rim bad and my tire got ripped.
Is the bike dead? Looks like a bad crash, but if the frame is OK it would be more than worth a rebuild. (With that much damage to the fork, I think I'd want Specialized to look at the frame). Did you see what happened or did it go by too fast? From the rim it almost looks like someone hit you T-bone style. (Hope you're in better condition than the bike.)
Just in case it is beyond repair, Dr. John, in another thread, pointed out that Specialized has a crash replacement policy that will replace a bike at less than list if damaged in a crash. You might want to ask your dealer about that.
So what happened? I'm guessing maybe you fell on the bike, the front wheel went perpendicular to the ground, then someone slammed into it hard enough to snap the forks while the bars were resting on the ground? But still whoever hit it must have been going awfully fast to snap the forks clean like that!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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