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just took my debernardi for spin yesterday.

fredstaple said:
Does anyone ride DeBernardis out there. Anyone know anything about the company besides they are located in Italy. They do not have a website that I have been able to find. Are they really made in Italy? Are they the Schwinns or Huffys of Italian bikes? Besides being a little heavy, are there any issues with the steel Thron? Any real problems with this bike? Thanks to anyone that has some info.

Actually, it was more than a spin. After 5 hours in the saddle, I reminded myself why I keep my Debernardi Aelle around. I'm using this as my spare while my Trek gets a repaint. Heavy lugged steel. The paint sucks. Chips like crazy. But I've owned it for 10 years and has served me well as my rain bike, spare time trial bike, fixed gear and even spent a season as a cross bike. I bought it online from the now defunct O'neills bike shop in Worcester, Ma. I haven't heard anything about them since.
A nice overall bike if you don't mind bad paint and a hefty weight
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