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I am looking at Celeste lugged Bianchis. There are a lot out there and even a few in my local area that would fit me. So if you had to choose between a complete '94 Giro with Columbus Thron tubes and Campy Stratos ergos parts or a '90s (not sure of the exact year) EL OS frameset with headset for the same price of $600, what would you do? The EL OS is definitely a better frame and is in better condition, maybe 50% better. But the Giro is a complete 8 speed bike. Then another dilemma I have is, "should I spend a little more" and go for a '94 lugged Veloce made of Thron tubes with 9 speed Veloce parts and Salsa wheels for about $750? OR, "should I spend even more" and get a '96 Columbus TSX UL in pristine condition with Athena 8 speed and Mavic wheels for a $1000?

EL OS is definitely the best frame material of all these bikes.

TSX UL is the cleanest and like new.

Giro and Veloce in Thron with one being $150 more than the other and 9 on the Veloce and 8 on the Giro.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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