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FixedPip said:
One of the cheaper hubs that is definitely worth the money are Suzue Pro Max (known as discos due to the shiny almost hologram like label on them). Run about 70 bucks for a rear and I've never had a problem with mine.

Nice sealed bearings that seem to last. Only real problem is that you just have to watch out for some of them getting a little loose (same with any hub) over time. About the only other drawback is that like most cartridge bearing hubs they need a special tool to replace the bearings (Level seems to be the exception to this).

I've been thrashing one on my work wheel for a few years and its been problem free.

Sheldon Brown has a pretty good list of most of the available hubs at:

Should give you some idea of quality vs price (they should also have level components hubs). I would say its worth investing money in your hub.

Also, check out and (bikeworksNYC). Sheldon's shop has insanely high prices. As far the hubs, you cannot go wrong with Suzue's (just stay away from the really low end model).
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