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girishji said:
Also, check out and (bikeworksNYC). Sheldon's shop has insanely high prices. As far the hubs, you cannot go wrong with Suzue's (just stay away from the really low end model).
About the Suzue Jrs... I've been pretty happy with mine. Me-built, 36 hole, laced 4-cross to Alex DR-13 rims. The only beef I (and the senior wrench at my shop) have with them is that they come bone-dry and too tight. A rebuild is definitely in order before riding, but I've had no problems since. I used a bit of touch-up paint as a thread-locker (on the advice of the same wrench), and have had no problems. Blue loctite would be even better, but we were out of it.

FWIW, I use the wheels with confidence off-road. Yeah, they're cheap, but not bad for all that. The Alex rims are pretty good for the money, at least the aftermarket ones. Eyelets, and only 15 grams heavier than an Open Pro. And they built up nice and straight.

As to Harris' prices, well, they've got overhead to meet, and I belt Sheldon makes a decent living. It would be worth it to me to support them, and all of the information they make available, even if it meant spending a few extra bucks.

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