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Phil Wood hub works for me....

built a wheel w/ a Phil Wod fixed/fixed hub and am very happy with it, would recommend this hub over a fixed/ free as you can still run a freewheel on one side if you wish, but also have the option of running two fixed cogs, very handy if you try track riding someday. Another nice feature is that it is easy (but not cheap) to change the hub spacing with new endcaps ($38/pair) if you change frames in the future. I used the wheel building chapter in Zinn's road bike maintenance book for guidance and the wheel came out fine, for my purposes a dozen pages on wheel building was better than an entire book would be...and fixed wheels are relatively easy to build since there is no dish.

mzbinden said:
Being completely new to different are different hubs? Performance? Maintenance? Reliability?

I just purchased an old steel Trek bike to make into a fixie. After doing some research, I think I'm sold on building a new rear wheel instead of using the existing one. I would like to have a flip-flop hub with both a free wheel and fixed. I've heard people say Phil Wood hubs are among the best...but what makes them better than others?

I agree they look awesome and the fact that I can get them in 126mm spacing for my frame is attractive. But do I need them? Any other suggestions?

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