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Got a Varia. Love it.
Lots of words encouraging using a mirror and the Varia for max awareness. Figured I try it.

I decided I could benefit seeing my blindspot, if you will, as well as sighting vehicles in the distance. (Yesterday, I actually pulled over to diffuse a conflict I could see brewing behind and upfront using Varia and mirror).

Absent any manufactured product filling that order to my liking, I went to work.

Looks DIYish but extremely effective. Infinitely adjustable. Sturdy. Works great. Low cost, as I had most of the stuff already. (Maybe $ if you are lacking stuff). Maybe an hour to build and mount on my helmet.

In brief, some wire from the hardware store, a vehicle blindspot mirror, epoxy, zip ties to securely mount, and some creative thinking. OK with me as it helps me stay “not hit”.



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