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Anyone have experience with these. I tested out some Sidi's this winter (on my trainer) - they were a no go. Other I tried (just walking around the store) Nike, Pearl Izumi where a no go - shimano (150s I believe) seemed better.

From what I've read Carnac or DMTs might fit me better, but I have to order online to get them. I'm about a 45.5 Euro, I measure as narrow, but narrow shoes don't fit (had to go with Sidi 'Megas') - normal widths are usually fine in sneakers, boots and dress shoes.

Just looking for some feedback.



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DMT's are very stiff and light. I have had a pair of the Ultimax RSX's for the last 2.5 years and they are holding up very well. I still have the occassional numb toes, but an unclip and shake of the foot remedies that very quickly.

Before that I wore Sidi Genius that lasted about 2.5 years. They were slightly heavier and not as stiff as the DMT's but I'd say they were more comfortable. Shoes are like saddles. What I like, you may not, and vice versa.

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Yeah, the Sidi's felt very comfortable walking around, but not clipped in. The arch seemed too high and I couldn't get away from the numbness along the right side of my right foot that would start to show up pretty quickly - and those were megas. So I just don't get the right fit in Sidi's (tried a few pair).
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