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This is about a recent buildup, and its possible issues with handling.
It also correlates to another post someone just put about older steel wearing out.

The steed is a beaut'. Its an 1986' Tempo with fixed drivetrain (42-17) made from the
b-side Columbus Tenax tubes. It's measure is 61cm, and my build is 6'3" at about 160
lb. With the basics told, I can get to the point.

I just finished my first 'ride' to make sure my mechanical skills are still
intact (23miles). All in all, things felt and went superb, except for one aspect.. which
honestly is something very concerning.

Without a computer I have to guess, but near my max rpm, the front end had some very
weird resonance. In both positions (flat and drops) at this rpm, the lower end of the fork
seems to flutter... throwing vibrations up the steerer into the headtube and shuttering
the downtube as well.

Its something I can really hold on, and 'grip-it-out' so to speak, but its enough to
probably cause excessive wear on the metal and hardware in the front end.

I would really appreciate any thoughts... I don't really want to give up on er' because this is the first frame I have ever had that ACTUALLY FIT. But wants come second to needs... and if this needs to be retired... so be it.


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hi-yo silver!!!

Whoo hoo!
Fixed! (pun intended)

After feeling pretty down yesterday I went into discovery mode.
Reading all I could on shimmy's was a bit overwhelming, as there seems to be alot of causes. I wanted to respond with my solution, as none of the ones I read quite corresponded.

Early this morning I took the front wheel off to further examine... on a wimb, I decided I would try and reset the tire then it dawned on me...
The front wheel has a bit more depth then my rear rim. (20mm compared to 11mm)
When built, the setup was : 28c tires : STOP liners : 28-32c tubes : on both wheels.

Best I can figure is the front rims profile minimized the tubes elbow room. Bunching up in a couple spots much have created weighted 'zones' that encouraged the death wobble.

Thank g. I had a spare 23c tube. Swapped ... and went for a ride.

Rides sooooooooo much better.
here are a couple photos...

Thanks mainly goes to the advice discovered in forum searches here. You cats are legit.

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