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Looking at getting last years model 1885... its a 57cm. The only issue is that I think I might need a 59. This is my first road bike.... so I am not sure.

I am hoping to get fitted tomorrow... but there are not a lot of Bianchi dealers in my area.... and they are closed today (so I am not sure this shop even has anything in stock).

So anyways, if you could give me a general impression on if a 57cm will fit me:

I am 6' 1" tall... about a 33 inseam. I ride a 19" mountain bike. I was looked at by a bike shop on a 58cm specialized a while ago and he said it fit. But he just kinda said "sit on it" and gave it a quick look.... I would not call it a "fitting"

So obviously I will get fitted before I buy.... but was just wondering if you have an idea if it will be too small.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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