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andy02 said:
My wife is the one that was talking about getting on before next winter! And we both use macs so yes I will be buying a 500$ computer to run it only. I will if I wait get two units but I want to know if a new software package is on the way as I have heard.
You will be fine. You might want to make sure that the computer that you get has a serial port. I bought a serial to usb adapter and I was unable to get it to work. I have to admit that I didn't try that hard, but it didn't recognize it. It did when I connected it the serial port. I've had my computrainer for about a month. I usually can't sit on a trainer for more than 30 minutes, just because I get bored. Since I've had the CT I have been able to spend almost 2 hours on it. The constant feedback is what does it for me. I have the pro model. The trial version of the coaching software is pretty cool. I have used the anaerobic threshold test a couple of times. I haven't decided if it's worth it yet or not. Dougsloan, what do you think?

I was wondering if it was going to be worth the money. So far I have been really pleased with the investment.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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