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i am 5' 8", about 140 lbs, and i'm getting a bike for training rides, and for triathlon(s). a coworker is offering to sell me her bike, and the info is below. i don't really know jack squat about different components and such. i am a newbie, just looking for a good bike to get me started. the bike below sounds like a good one, but i'm just looking for some feedback on whether people think it sounds like a good deal. the bike hasn't been wrecked, and it is in good shape.

frame: 2000 bianchi eros (52cm) (steel) (it's not the women's version of the eros...)
stem: thomson road stem
handle bars: poco loco (??) she can't remember, exactly

hand-built wheels from these components:
- spokes (can't remember what kind)
- mavic xm719 rims
- dura ace 7700 hubs

crank: shimano ultegra triple
shifter/brake lever: shimano 105 sti
rear derailleur: shimano ultegra
front derailleur: (??) she can't remember, exactly (i will check this out when i go to a bike shop to see if it is a good fit for me).

it has pedals that would work with spd-compatible shoes, and she'd also give me the "trip computer" that is currently set up on it, and her indoor trainer, too. she will sell me all of this for $800.00.

on sunday i'm going to take the bike to a shop to find out if it is a good fit for me in terms of size and such. assuming that it is a good size fit... what say ye, honorable bike nerds?

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there are certainly better used shimano 105 bikes out there. I'd check ebay and the classifieds here for bikes in your size (assuming you know that a 52 is for you). However,
I think steel has a nice ride. triple chainrings are useless unless you are very out of shape, have an injury, or are in remarkably hilly country.
if your goal is to do olympic+ distance triathlons, then i'd get something else. If you want to ride 100 miles comfortably, then maybe steel is a good choice. 105 is a nice starting point--you need to be honest with yourself on how you plan to ride, how well you achieve fitness goals, etc. If you are committed, then get the best frame you can, you can always improve components as you improve.
also what is the indoor trainer--some are nice, some expensive, some are both. would you use it?
I'd check ebay--get a frame that fits, will last, and that you can build up over the years.
that said, if triathlon is your goal, get a tri bike. and then any road bike will serve the purpose of doing base training.
this is long winded--but i went through newbie stuff--giant TCR with 105 that was too big, lightspeed "professionally fitted", that was too small, and now a kestrel that is perfect (all tirathlon set ups).. After the litespeed fiasco, i got most of my bikes on ebay. Now that i have moved to DC from san diego I will be selling most on ebay.
So I have to say check the reviews here, and then ebay.
good luck
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