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i've had enough...i've had a soft spot for mavic for a long time...

they make awesome wheels...when they dont fuk up...which is over it..

the last two sets i've had over the last 3 years have been riddled with dramas...skipping hubs...touchy truing...spokes that seem to be made of corn chips, and over all cheap build quality...

mavic will never see another sent from me...

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Which Mavic set are you talking about? My Aksiums have been trouble free so far (knock on wood) although I am fairly light at 145 lbs.

I have an older Aksium (double cross on rear, 24 spokes) on my 2006 TCR and the newer Aksium (cross on the drive side, radial on the other, 20 spokes) on my 2008 TCR and so far the only thing I had to adjust were the blade angles on the rear wheels.
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