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I've joined a Mississippi River Bike tour that's setting off in September - Minneapolis to New Orleans. I'm only going as far as St. Louis. I wrote them for the first days route and they were nice enough to send it through.

The first days route begins at 494 and Pilot Knob in Eagan and goes south to Co. Rd. 42 to Hwy 55, North on 61 into Wisconsin at Prescott. I'm not a big fan of 42 & 55 as good bike roads and they don't connect people to the river. They've got nice shoulders, but the volumes pretty heavy.

I was going to write the tour company and propose using Big Rivers Bike Trail to downtown St. Paul, Warner Road Bike Trail to, Douglas Point Bike Route to, Military Rd to, St. Croix Trail (Co. 21) into Prescott and from there join the existing route. This connects people to the Mississippi from the start and keeps them off busy streets and much of it on dedicated bike trails. The only portion of this route I don't have personal rubber side down experience with is the Douglas Point Bike Route that uses a combination of bike trail and highway 61 frontage road between Mounds Park and Newport.

Can anyone tell me what the condition of this segment is like ? Safe, pleasant, easy to follow, whatever..... I'd like to make this proposal early and won't have the opportunity to ride it and give them time to consider a new route proposed by some upstart first time rider.

So, long story short, What do you think of the Douglas Point Bike Route ?

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