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Several months ago I bought a very nice looking CAAD9. It looked very clean, it rode nicely, everything worked, so I paid my money to the seller and took the bike.

While inspecting the bike the next day I noticed a sizable dent on one side of the downtube about 1" from the headtube join. It was not on the bottom or both sides, but the left side. While inspecting the bike initially I had felt the bottom of the top tube and the downtube to see if there had been an impact (I do so with every bike I examine) but somehow I missed this dent.

I called the seller who claimed to have never seen this and also assured me the bike had never crashed.

I took the bike to two reputable bike shops for examination and both stated that the dent wasn't worth worrying about.

I'm sorry, but I am one who cannot help but worry over a dent in an aluminum frame. One of the LBS was willing to give me a generous trade in on a Gunnar Roadie, so off the CAAD9 went.

Am I too anal in worrying over a dent in aluminum?
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