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Got a pair of Sountur Stem shifters ripped off a dying Nishiki. Want to use them on my Bridgestone 300, the fit the stem, but my drivetrain is a Shimano set up. Just wanted to know whether there will be any conflict between the shifters and derailuers. Both shifting set ups are friction.

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No problem if they're both friction

You might have troubles with indexed shifting, but friction systems are almost universally interchangeable. Before I turned my Trek into a singlespeed, it had a Maillard Helicomatic freewheel, Campy 990 rear derailleur and Suntour XC thumbshifters. Worked fine.
You may need (can't remember for sure) some kind of housing stop to bolt to the old shifter bosses, for the cable to pass through. If you can't find them anywhere else, check They're about $20, I think.
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