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I am looking for a new frame for long rides. I don't do any organized centuries, but I am finding that my favorite days on the road bike are getting pretty long, and I want a bike made for this. I don't race (at least on the road) or do competative group rides, I just want something comfortable and efficient on long rides that allows me to carry whatever I want for the day. My rides are on the vast network of backroads in southwest VA and some days I may not see a store (or on Sundays they are all closed), so I sometimes need to carry a lot of water, food and sometimes clothing, but just for one day. I would also like to try few multi-day rides over the next year, but I don't want to get a full on touring bike, as I think it will not be as good for what I do the other 95% of the time (long day rides).

I have been looking at bikes frames like the Salsa Casseroll, and recently came across the Velo Orange Rando. I noticed it is a "low fork trail" design, and my understanding is that this is good when you have a load on the front. This interests me, because I use a rigged up handlebar bag right now (no saddle bag) and I really like having it all in front of me, and a bike designed for that sounds like a good idea. The frame seems to be specifically designed for what it is I want to do.

My question is, what happens when you DON'T have a real load on the front? I'll always have some stuff in the bag, as it is the only bag and I tend to over-prepare, but the fact is that in reality, lots of my rides are NOT all day epics, but rather , so I don't want a bike that will be all twitchy without a load.

Thanks. Any other fame/fork suggestions welcome, particularly feedback on the VO Rando and the Salsa Casseroll.
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