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With a duathlon you can save a ton of time with super short transitions. Wear a race belt or pin your number on prior to the race start.

At T1 have your bike shoes clipped in with rubber bands (if you wear bike shoes). The only thing that goes on is your helmet, and then run with your bike out of T1. Coming into T2 take your feet out of your shoes and ride with them on top of the bike shoes - then jump off and be running. By doing these two things you can save quite a lot of time.

You can make up quite a lot of time in transition, which most people don't do. A lot of people actually view transitions as rest periods - don't do that! With your running abilities, your 5K times should be around the 20 min mark. Not sure about your bike speed, though.

I'm doing a duathlon in Scituate, MA in October that's 2 miles, 12 miles, 2.7 miles. I'm hoping to be right at the 1 hour mark for time in this race.
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