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TriJustin said:
I have my first Duathlon coming up on sept 25! I'm a little bit of a runner so i dont know when is better push the runs and easier on the bike or go easy on the first run then push the rest? The distances are 2mi run (beach run) 13.25bike (road) 3mi run (road).

Some tips would be great! oh i'm almost 25, and i just ran boston in april in 3:04, so the training is mostly running 5-8mile 4-5 days a week with a 10mile bike every 3ish days a week. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!
Boston Marathon??

This duathlon will be a cake walk for you. Your running a 7 min mile and based on your specs you are light with some height.

First 5k in 21-24 min
Bike 22K 40min
Last 5K in 24-30 min

Do the math you have time to chat

Cutoff is usually 1:45 at last 5k

Bottom line have fun.:)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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