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I've been thinking about doing a complete new build lately, but I don't know if I can afford it right now. At least not how I would like to do it. Plus I love my Guerciotti I ride currently, but it's a road conversion not a track frame. Anyway, instead of doing a whole build I'm gonna start with a new set of wheels. If I'm gonna build a new set, I want to make them nice enough to last a while and switch to a track frame in the future. I would love to build up some Dura Ace High Flange hubs, but I'm not sure how well they will work with the 130mm spacing. Anyone have any experience with respacing the DA hubs? Is there enough axle? Any other feedback on the DA hubs? I know they aren't sealed, but I live in TX so wet weather isn't a huge issue for me.

Otherwise I'll probably save some bucks and go with Miche Primatos or Surlys. I prefer the look of the solid flange.

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