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You have a set of light, aero carbon tubular race wheels.

You say you are looking for cheap, tough, and good rolling. That is going to be difficult.

I would save these for race day and get nice tubulars that you can actually notice the difference from, like a Vittoria Corsa or Veloflex Carbon / Record.

But, failing that, they still DO make Conti Sprinters in sewup. That was the standard "durable" tire for some time. They do work just fine, and are inexpensive and tough.

Alaska Mike said:
During the recent Nashbar sale, I picked up a Cane Creek Aros Road Wheelset (50mm carbon tubular wheels, 24/28 spoke) for pretty darn cheap. This is my first set of tubulars, and I'm planning on using them primarily on my TT bike.

Since I have zero experience with tubulars, I got the tubular version of the clinchers I have the most experience with- the Vittoria Rubino Pro. I was looking for something durable (cut resistant) that would provide a decent ride for a good price.

What other tubular tires do you recommend for a semi-decent price?

On a similar vein, what do you use to mount the tire- glue or tape?
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