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Colorado Springs, CO
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Look at this year's Bicycle Tour of Colorado Home Page ( (Choose "route" then look the profiles.)

Two rides out of Durango:

Durango -> Silverton and back Or. just go up Coal Bank Pass, turn around at the ski area.

Durango -> Ouray for the full effect of three mountain passes (You'll have to shag a ride back)

Durango -> Cortez and back. It's a b*tch coming back from Cortez. Maybe just as far as Hesperus Hill (see the first day of this year's ride the rockies Well, the first part coming out of Durango won't be fun either.

Drive to Mancos and then go up the back way to Dolores. Or, continue up the hill to the top of Lizard Head Pass

Or, just screw all of the bicycling, find a nice brew pub in Durango and sit down and talk about cycling! You're on vacation!

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The Squeaky Wheel said:
I'll be in Durango with the missus next weekend and am hoping to get some ride suggestions. We live in CO and riding hills is usual for us.
Hoping for a few suggestions in the 2-3 hr, 30-50 miles range.

Some of the more popular routes close to town.

I'd avoid hwy 550 south of Durango, and Hwy 160 East of Durango.
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