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Blue CheeseHead said:
Two things:

1.) from my experience with ceramic bottom brackets, ceramic bearings are WAY overrated. From my experience and some previous threads, it appears steel may be more durable.

2.) I have 2008 EA90SL's and like them, however last week I popped a rear spoke. I took it into the LBS that is a dealer and found out that the factory will not have spokes until October! Are you kidding me, October? The LBS is looking to find a spoke through a rep, but it looks like I will be switching back to my Rolf's for awhile. ( I do like my 2003 Rolf Prima Elans just as well)

I still like the wheels very much, but parts availability is clearly an issue.
+1. If you actually research ceramic bearings vs. standard steel bearings, you'll see that ceramics aren't wear out much faster than similar quality steel bearings. Usually when companies make a claim about the superiority of ceramic bearings, they aren't comparing them to the best steel bearings. Any noticeable spinning advantage won't be noticed unless your spinning at ridiculously high RPMs- which the pros really have to struggle to achieve. That was a disappointment to me since I upgraded one of my wheelsets to ceramic.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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