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Up for sale is a set of Easton EA90RT wheels. These can be run with clincher tires or tubeless tires. I do not possess the tubeless kit but you can get them for very cheap. If you run clincher tires, you do not need to run rim strips with these.

Weight is approximately 1530 grams.

These run quite true and the bearings were changed out this spring. In terms of mileage, I highly doubt I have over 1,000 miles on these. I have several bikes and far too many wheelsets. In fact, I posted a photo of the rim dimple and as you can see, it shows nearly full life on rim.

In terms of cassette, I have the 11-12 Easton freehub body installed but I will also be sending the 8-10 freehub body as well. These wheels were originally sold as 8-10 as I'm sure you know, but I wanted flexibility to run up to date cassettes and groups. In short, you're covered from 8-12. In fact, you don't actually have to change out the freehub bodies, just use the spacer I will include, if you want to run 8-10

I'm asking $180 an $35 for shipping. I will accept Paypal only or pickup in either the Springfield, Columbus or Dayton area. In terms of Paypal, I'd prefer payment be sent as gift but if you prefer not, please add $8 for a total of $223 instead of $215.

I will only ship to the lower 48. I will ship within 48 hours of payment and will use USPS, most likely. Wheels will ship in a wheel specific box.

Please email me at [email protected] to discuss anything you have questions about the wheels, need to see other photos( the uploading tool on this site is horrible), or simply want to buy the wheels.

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