Easton EC90 Cranks - First Impressions
  • Construction:CNT™ composite crank arms and spider 7050 aluminum pedal inserts 24mm CrMo steel spindle
  • Chainrings: 53/39t standard, Ceramic Teflon coating, shift pins and ramps
  • Length: 170, 172.5, 175mm
  • Weights: 558 grams (crank arms, chainrings and CrMo spindle)
  • Standard BB: 105 grams
  • Hybrid Ceramic BB: 100 grams
  • MSRP: $699

First Impression? Excitement. How can you not be excited with a feathery light carbon crankset (558 grams!) that is not only one of the lightest available, but rivals some of the stiffest cranks out on the market today. Sure the EC90 has been in development for quite some time, but when you're setting out to make the best carbon crank in the world, as Easton has set to do, you want to take your time and do it right.

According to Easton, they throughly tested every high end crank currently available for ultimate strength, fatigue strength, and stiffness and aimed to best them. What the engineers and designers at Easton delivered is a carbon road crank packing the highest stiffness to weight ratio of any carbon crank currently available on the market. The continued use of CNT composite yields not only a stiff and strong crank, but an aesthetically pleasing one as well. The EC90 currently ships with a 53/39 standard and makes use of Stronglite's CT2 ceramic and Teflon-treated rings.

Stay tuned for the full Review... but for now, check out what Sean from Easton had to say about the crank back at interbike.

[video playerid="1494779147" videoid="1828663046"]

Graphs courtesy of Easton.