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So there are these EC90's I'm debating on getting. I currently have a Custom Wheel Build on my bike. Kinlin Rims, Elf front, H3 rear and Conti Gators.

Retail is $1,800

I can get them for $1,584 - tax paid from my LBS.

The reason I want to get the Easton wheel are for two reasons:
1 - Improve Ride quality (although I know GP4000s will do that)
2 - More Aero qualities from the 38mm rim

I ride on Pacific Coast Highway a lot and sometimes ride to the climbs and back. I wanted a wheel that was versatile enough (and stiff) for climbing hills. and also good on the Flats.

I weigh 145 lbs.

Any comments and suggestions would be great :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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