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eating mud

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Went out for a group ride today, a few of us getting ready for this weekends team time trial since we dont all ride together all that often. Go out about 10 miles, turn around, finally with the tailwind, and just like that someone gets a flat. a few minutes later we are back at it, tailwind has increased. the kid with the flat stops to adjust something, and 1 guy stays behind with him. the rest of us sit up and take it easy. riding along minding my own business, when the guy in front of my swings in, tires rub, i start to wobble and next thing i know im headed for the ground. i try to save it and swing myself right (towards the grass) and get over, only to see im headed for a ditch filled with mud. i get my right foot out (falling at this point) and see there is a rather large rock in my path. i use my arm to brace my head, and then, squish.....the mud stopped me, my head was about 2 inches from the rock. im happy i didnt hit the rock but now i have to totally clean and lube my bike (i did earlier today in prep for the race this weekend). we all took it easy the rest of the way home and cut off our usualy 5 mile loop we throw on at the end. falling sucks. ironic thing was my roomate vaccumed our carpet today, first time in at least a month, and i come in covered in mud.....
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If I understood the description, it sounds like a good reminder about the dangers of overlapping wheels while riding in a group...
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