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Hi Guys,

After looking at this, I know the more hardcore on this forum will quickly reject this - and probably rightfully so, but I was wondering between the Cervelo Soloist Team (Ultegra) and the Cannondale CAAD 9 5 (105-base), is it really worth the $2200 v. the $1300 difference? I'm trying to decide, as broke as I am, if it's that much better - have an LBS who might be able to upgrade the C-Dale to Ultegra if I really want as I'm getting tons of other accessories from them as well. How would both hold up for a bigger (6'2''/200 lb) guy - and is there anything else that I might consider in the same price range: $1300-$1600?

Also, is there any logic to holding off buying either for a month or two in light of the 2009 releases in hopes that there's a sale? Everyone is telling me that the new models will be 20% more expensive this upcoming season, but I don't know if that necessarily means that the 2008s won't go on sale.

Thoughts? Thanks!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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