EDDY70 Steel Race Bike

For just $17,500 this steel race bike can be yours - if you get in line soon enough.​

In honor of Eddy Merckyx's upcoming 70th birthday the bike company that bears his name is getting back in the steel business - steel bikes that is. The Belgium-based company announced plans to launch a line of modern, high quality steel racing bikes. The first model - of which only 70 will be produced - has been dubbed the EDDY70. It will retail for a whopping $17,500 and can be pre-ordered starting on January 28 at www.Eddy70.com.

The rest of the line, known as the Heritage line of Eddy Merckx Cycles, will draw on the past, but only in terms of the design and color. The new steel bikes cannot be compared with the race machines from Eddy's glory years. These are neither retro bikes, nor something for fixie-lovers. They're being billed as modern racing bikes made from Columbus steel alloys and designed for racing.

For more information check out the extensive photo gallery below and visit www.eddymerckx.com.