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Should right broken G-spring retainer in a pre-1998 (not the 1998 and newer design which relies on the post to support the clock-spring; this is an original 8-speed shifter which I installed a 9-speed index ring) pointy-hood shifter have any effect on shifting performance?

The G-springs seem to be correctly located with no slop and the ratchet ring bears on both halves.

Has any one else put a broken one back in there?

My shifting got soft and started occasionally slipping to a smaller cog when I stood on the pedals so I opened up the shifter for the next G-spring replacement and found that I had both a G-spring with a missing tip plus a broken retainer.

A couple hours driving to bike shops which 'had the part in stock' didn't produce a pre-1998 replacement, JB weld didn't hold after left to cure over-night, and I didn't want to be waiting a few days to ride so I put it back together with new G-springs.

I'm hoping I don't need to re-rebuild it when I get a replacement via USPS express.
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