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Just as J's Haiku Shop had done. I'm building up a 650C wheeled time trial bike. My budget is a little higher since I want it high end but not breaking $1,000 for the total build.

So I've been surfing Ebay, the classified ads here and see what parts my friends may have laying around. One of my friends went back to downtube shifters, claims that nothing was more comfortable to his hands like a standard brake lever. So he tells me to stop by his house he has some great parts cheap, he talking my language!

Unfortunately the pictures don't do justice to the brake calipers he sold me. He shows me these NOS Dura Ace single pivot brake calipers and SLR brake levers that he bought from someone on the East Coast that were new in the box for $45. So he only wanted the brake levers and sold me the calipers for $25. I forgot just how good some of the old components looks. I almost just want to keep them instead of putting them on the new project.

Complete bike pictures to follow after I have all the parts and complete the build.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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