Singapore - Elite Bicycles Asia ( is very excited and incredibly pleased to announce a partnership with Edge Composites for exclusive distribution in Singapore, Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia), Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Elite Bicycles co-owner David Greenfield said, "Edge is highly regarded in the bicycle industry for the design, innovation, and manufacturing of world class engineered bicycle tubes, wheels, and components, and we have long been a fan of their work and of their products."

Constantly pushing the envelope by exploring new design concepts, processes, and technologies, Edge engineers are continuously challenging themselves and looking for the next new and better way. Many of them have worked and designed for large bicycle companies and bring with them years of experience - but more importantly, an unflinching commitment to quality.

Of the Ogden, Utah based American company, Greenfield added; "We have found similar traits in the way Elite Bicycles operates and also in our common beliefs in quality. In short, they geek out and obsess as much as we do. At Edge, there is a difference in how things are done. The detailed, thorough, and extensive thought process put into designing and engineering their offerings can be appreciated and are clearly displayed in the end product." As the saying goes at Edge, "There's no fluff. No flash. Just quality engineered components that are guaranteed to be the best you've ever ridden."

The athletes that Edge takes care of are the best testament to that statement as they spend their lives out there riding and racing. Edge's most recent addition - 4 Time World Champion, holder of no less than nineteen world and national titles, Brain Lopes, had this to say - "I am blown away on how good their products are…EDGE has definitely raised the bar with their wheels, stems and seat posts. My bikes were already amazing but have just gotten that much lighter, stiffer, and more responsive."
As Elite Bicycles takes the next step to invest in the growth of our company in Asia, we are honoured to have found such a great quality partner to come along on our journey and we very much look forward to working together.

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