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I am looking into buying an entry level road bike (my first) and have gotten fitted and test road a few but still have a couple of questions.

A little background:
- I am using this bike primarily for fitness/long rides and ramping up to train for a tri.
- I will use this for a 3.5 mile (each way) daily commute on paved streets and for the occasional short trip to a friends house.
- I want to spend somewhere between 1000-1300.
- I'm about 230 right now so I am a heavier guy.

I was wondering if any of you had ridden any of these bikes:

Scott Speedster S30
- Aluminum/Carbon Alloy fork
- 105 R. Der., Tiagra f. der., SRAM PG-950 Cassette 11-26 T , Truvativ Touro 50 x 34 crankset
- Alex Race 28 Aero Profile rims

Bianchi Volpe
- ABianchi Cr-Mo, TIG weld, Steel
- F. der. Tiagra, R. Der. Deore, Tiagra shifters, Sugino crankset 48/38/28, SRAM PG-950, 11/32
- WTB DX23 Rims, WTB All Terrainasaurus

Scatante R-570, 560 (105s)
# Alumminum with carbon fork
# shimano 105 drivetrain, FSA Gossamer triple crank
# Alex ALX270 wheelset, vittoria zaffiro ires, Alex ALX 320 Comp
# Tektro R520 brakes

Specialized Secteur Triple Sport
# A1 Aluminum, integrated headset
# Carbon for with Zertz inserts
# light dual pivot brake
# Sora Front der., Tiagra back der., Sora STi, flight deck compatible
# Alex S500, aluminum, sleeve joint, CNC machined sidewalls
# Tektro Dual pivot breaks

Trek 1.5
# Full Tiagra setup, aluminum

Sorry for so many bikes. I am new to this and I just want to get a sense of what I should be looking for. I rode the Secteur and I liked it a lot but I see that I can get 105s on bikes with similar price points. I understand fit is crucial so I am going to the lbs to test ride some but want to narrow it down before I go running around town. So I guess my questions are as follows:

What's the difference in pricing besides the components?

Is it worth it to get the cyclocross bikes if I am going to be using it in the city? On a similar note, should I be looking at steel rather than aluminum?

And finally, maybe most importantly, do you all have thoughts/advice on any of these bikes?

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It always cracks me up when the OP asks for opinions on certain bikes, and subsequent posts offer up alternatives... oh wait. I'm guilty as charged! :p

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I went to the store with intentions of buying a CAAD9 but left with a Giant TCX 1, 2011 as it was a much better fit to me. Love my bike.

You will never really know which is best for you unless you test ride them.
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