ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

ENVE's new alloy disc front hub features 50mm flanges and a 24-hole spoke count. Photo: Ian Matteson/ENVE​

Hot on the heels of ENVE's carbon road hubset launched last year, ENVE is now showing off a new set of aluminum road hubs. Both Centerlock disc brake and rim brake options are on offer and both will lower the cost of a set of ENVE wheels by $300 per set. The SES and G series wheels will be available with the new hubs and retail for $2550 for the pair with them.

While ENVE will continue to offer Industry Nine and Chris King hubs for those interested in colorful, American-made hubs, ENVE is eliminating DT Swiss hubs from its lineup moving forward.

ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

The freehub uses a ratchet system, similar to DT Swiss, with a single spring and two 40-tooth ratchets. Additionally, there is a noise-reducing bumper behind the inboard ratchet. Photo: Nick Legan​

The alloy ENVE hub is produced in Centerlock 100x12 front and 142x12 rear disc brake and QR for rim brake use. Campagnolo, SRAM XDR, and Shimano freehub bodies will be offered.

The hubs feature tool-free disassembly and the freehub mechanism uses a 40-tooth ratchet that delivers nine-degrees of engagement. The single spring is easy to orient when rebuilding because it isn't conical. Behind the inboard ratchet is a noise-damping bumper that can be used or removed.

ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

ENVE's Jake Pantone has been on the new hubs for quite some time, including racing the 2018 Dirty Kanza aboard them. Photo: Ian Matteson/ENVE​

When removed the tone of the hub is changed and drag is mildly decreased. According to ENVE's Jake Pantone, "The custom, Japanese, full stainless bearings (balls, races and cup) strike a balance between performance and reliability. They are also less likely to contaminate as quickly as a ceramic bearing."

Pantone went on to explain that, "The custom bearing took extra time to produce but it has a full contact seal on the outboard side of each bearing. There is a non-contact seal on the inboard side to maximize rolling efficiency. The goal is that the hub never has to be worked on."

ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

ENVE's Perfect Preload system uses a calibrated wave washer and a snap ring to apply a load to the bearings. Photo: Nick Legan​

Like their carbon road hubs, the new alloy hubs utilize ENVE's Perfect Preload. The system uses a grooved axle, a custom wave washer, and a snap ring to apply a load to the bearings. ENVE says that it delivers optimal preload while eliminating the need to adjust it.

The hub flanges are scalloped, keeping weight low while affording a large flange diameter. This aids in the build dynamics of the wheel, resulting in a stiffer, more reliable build. The shell is designed and built specifically for wheelbuilding dynamics. Pantone summarized, saying, "The new hub weighs the same as a DT Swiss 240 but the build characteristics of a Chris King hub."

ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

Rim brakes aren't dead. To support them, ENVE also produced a rim brake alloy hub. Photo: Ian Matteson/ENVE​

Both the rim and disc brake hubs also feature a five-year warranty. The new hub will be available in ENVE wheelsets and for aftermarket purchase so that custom wheelbuilders can lace them into whatever rim they choose. A set of the ENVE Alloy Road or Alloy Road Disc Hubs start at $575.


  • Front Rim Hub: 100g, 20-hole, 37mm flange
  • Rear Rim Hub: 252g, 24-hole, 55mm flange
  • Front Disc Hub: 126g, 24-hole, 50mm flange
  • Rear Disc Hub: 250g, 24-hole, 55mm flange
  • Freehub options: Campagnolo, Shimano road, SRAM XDR (no re-dishing required when changing between freehub bodies)

ENVE Alloy Road Hubs

The new ENVE Alloy Road Disc Hub uses a Centerlock rotor and is available with Campagnolo, SRAM, and Shimano freehub bodies. It weighs in at 250 grams. Photo: Ian Matteson/ENVE​

To learn more head to www.enve.com.