Brisbane, Australia - Ahead of their forthcoming debut in the 2009 Amgen Tour of California, the Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living cycling team have finalised equipment sponsors for season 2009.

In announcing a comprehensive list of sponsors, team director, Chris White said, "We are privileged to be able to announce such a fabulous list of product partners for 2009. We are looking forward to working closely with our partners and assisting them with their respective research and development programs. We have chosen our team equipment carefully to ensure the team has the most advanced and dependable cycling equipment in the world at its disposal - this will give us a big advantage in events throughout 2009".

Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living will ride Parlee frames for 2009. The team will work closely with Bob Parlee and his team who will continue their industry-leading R&D program to ensure Parlee cycles remain ahead of the pack in carbon fibre bicycle technology. The team will ride the Z4 for road races and training, and the TT for time trial events throughout 2009, with the frames' renowned combination of strength, light weight and handling making them ideally suited to the demands of professional racing. "We think the Z4 is something special, its light weight means it's ideal for climbing, descending and sprinting. The TT is an excellent time trial bike, its low drag design will give our riders a distinct advantage in the individual and team time trials we're targeting during the season", Chris White said.

Continuing the carbon theme, Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living will spend 2009 rolling on Edge Composite carbon fibre wheels. The team will ride Tubular 1 38mm hoops for road events, Tubular 1 68mm hoops for time trials, and Clincher 38mm hoops for training, giving team riders the perfect wheel for any situation and any event. Speaking about the partnership, Edge Composites founder Jason Schiers said, "Our carbon fibre technology is world leading and our proprietary moulding process creates a spoke interface that permits higher spoke tensions to be run. This enhances the durability of the wheel as a whole by limiting spoke fatigue and increasing durability, giving riders a significant advantage when they use our wheels."

Edge Composites will also provide Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living's handlebars, forks and seatposts. Speaking about the Parlee/Edge Composites combination, team Racing Director and 1984 Olympic IP champion Steve Hegg said, "The biggest challenge we are likely to face in 2009 will be keeping out bikes above the 6.8kg UCI weight limit - it's not a bad problem to have!"

With the amount of carbon fibre technology sitting underneath them, Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living will be assured a smooth and fast ride, however to ensure ultimate comfort, the team has chosen to partner with fi'zi:k to ensure the riders have the ultimate in saddle and bar tape technology and performance beneath them. The team will use a combination of carbon shelled and railed Aliante, Arione and Antares saddles and on their bikes. Speaking about the partnership, team Director Chris White said, "Our riders are pleased that fi'zi:k will be looking after their butts. Most of our riders have used fi'zi:k previously, and there was a strong push from within the team to get on them."

Ensuring Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living riders get maximum power to the road will be Speedplay's Zero pedal system, selected for their simplicity, lightweight, ease of use and the biomechanical advantage they offer riders. "Standardising pedals is a big decision for any team, but with Speedplay we know we have the best high-end pedal system available," said Steve Hegg. "The riders were unanimous in choosing the pedals - as good an endorsement as you are likely to get." Richard Byrne, Founder and CEO of Speedplay said, "We are honoured that Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living recognizes the advantages of our design and has chosen to race on Speedplay pedals, and we look forward to working with them."

Full bicycle equipment specification:
  • Frame: Parlee Z4 (road races) & TT (time trials)
  • Fork: Edge Composites
  • Wheels: Edge Composites Tubular Tubular 1 68mm, Clincher 1 38mm
  • Handlebars: Edge Composites
  • Seatpost: Edge Composites
  • Saddles: Fi'zi:k Anteres, Aliante, Arione
  • Pedals: Speedplay
  • Groupset: SRAM Red
  • Brakes: TRP
  • Tyres: Panaracer
About Parlee cycles
Parlee Bicycles creates the finest carbon road frames in the world. Renowned for their high design and beauty, Parlee frames integrate science and art to create the synthesis of timeless style and flawless performance.

About Edge Composites
Edge Composites creates the cycling industry's fastest, most technologically advanced race accessories. Edge approaches manufacturing the way a world-class wine maker approaches his craft - as a personal, passion-fueled, and detail-intensive process. The result is a collection of uncommonly special products standing starkly against the ordinary.

About Fizik
Fi'zi:k provides the ultimate in saddle design - combining comfort and lightweight, technology and innovation. Through physiological research, anatomic studies and advanced technology, fi'zi:k has succeeded in creating that perfect combination which translates into benefits for cyclists. FI'zi:k's saddle designs has seen them emerge as the undisputed leader in innovation and technology in saddle design and manufacturing.

About Speedplay
Speedplay create the world's finest and most innovative bicycle pedal system. The design enshrines simplicity with technological innovation to deliver competitive and biomechanical advantage riders.

About Panaracer
Panaracer have been manufacturing tyres for over 60 yrs. For the last 30 years they have been exclusively producing bicycle tyres from their factories located in Japan. In season 2009 Team Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living will ride the Panarcer Extreme EVO 2 clincher and Extreme Jet Tubular..

About TRP brakes
TRP was founded on the idea of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. TRP Brakes are designed for superior levels of performance and durability achieved through the use of advanced production techniques, accurate processing and meticulous quality control. By using exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber, Titanium and TT6 Aluminum, TRP brakes set a new industry standard for lightweight and precise control.