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If you don't know what I'm talking about by the title then chances are you will not be there. This is a huge international conference for those within the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry who use ESRI software. The conference typically attracts 12K-15K for one week in San Diego. This year the conference is the week of August 4th - 8th.

I plan to do a carbon free commute to the conference from Pasadena to San Diego with all my clothes and laptop for the week and commute home. It is a 145 mile one way commute via my planned route.

If anyone wants to commute down and/or back with me or wants to ride one night during the conference let me know.

Not 100% sure right now if I will be riding down on Sunday or Monday, it depends if I can share a room with someone on Sunday night. I will be heading home on Friday morning. Not sure what night I will ride during the conference. Last year I rode with a co-worker from the Conference Center to Torre Pines and back. Open to suggestions this year.
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