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OldEndicottHiway said:
And those tubes...way over the top. :(
Well at least they dropped that "melted-looking" model, whatever the heck that was..

Italians are supposed to be so 'fashion-conscious' but I agree, they sort of missed with the colors on some of these this year. Those over all frames 'shapes' look somewhat awkward, too. It probably doesn't affect how the bikes work but if you have to 'back up to one in order to get on and go riding without telling yourself it's ok to ride an unattractive bike" then maybe they need a new "taste-checker" there at DeRosa..

I gotta say, that one they made with the tubes shaped like an India dagger...that hadda be the worst things since that wierd old timey Comfort Frame doo-dad from some other company..

If DeRosa wants to keep getting Gucci prices for their bikes, they ought to look really good..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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