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Easton's new super wheel, the $3800 E100.

Easton unveiled a new super wheel at the Eurobike trade show in Germany. Dubbed the E100 and claimed to be the lightest wheel it's ever made, this high zoot carbon tubular wheelset weighs just 1,050 grams and has a 45mm rim depth that utilizes Easton's proprietary Fantom Rim aero profile and tensioned carbon spokes.

The new wheels' spokes and hub flange are molded separately. This keeps drive-side and non-drive side spoke groupings separate, meaning if one spoke breaks, only the spokes on that side of the wheel have to be replaced. That's still far more complicated fix than a traditional wheel, but that's what you get when you take the plunge into the realm of super light composite hoops. Not surprisingly these wheels don't come cheap. MSRP for the E100 is a wallet busting $3800.


Rim depth is 45mm, while spoke counts run 20 per wheel, with 2-cross lacing front and rear.

Inside the hubs are six pawls providing 6 degrees of engagement. Sealed cartridge bearings are of course ceramic. Spoke counts are 20 per wheel, with 2-cross lacing front and rear and a 24mm-wide brake track.

Also new from Easton this fall is a disc-compatible wheelset geared toward cyclocross racing or riding on gravel roads. The company has also added a redesigned version of its popular EC90 SL carbon clincher and carbon tubular. Both wheelsets employ the Fantom Rim profile. Pricing starts at $2400.

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