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This was not a planned event and I did not realize that it was about 1 year ago that I got a bike until I was riding today and sure enough July 19, 2007 is when I bought a bike and started riding again after 20 years ( I am 35 now)

This is the story and it may or may not be helpful to those who may be shooting for a similar goal

I ride pretty regularly, 3-4 times a week and have put on some miles this summer, 370 in May, 677 in June, 394 fo far in July (including today). The farthest I have ridden so far was 82 miles and doing 100 was a goal. Yesterday I realized that due to work, etc I had only ridden @ 25 miles per day over the last 4 days so I was not overly tired and I knew that I would be going for a long ride on Saturday morning so I figures why not, lets go for it.

I planned a route very similar to the 82 mile ride I did except that I would do 2 laps around this lake and that should give me the extra 18+- miles I needed.

I knew nutrition and hydration would be important so I started to drink extra fluid and during the night if I got up to go to the bathroom I had another glass of water.

I ate well on Friday, nothing out of the ordinary but had a bowl of whole wheat pasta at @ 7:45 PM and went to bed around 9:30 with my alarm set for 4:00 AM.

Got up at 4:00 made coffee, had 1 large cup, ate 2 slices of oatmeal toast with jam, a banana and a tall glass of Cytomax and my usual multi-vitiman.

Let me take a step back and say that friday night I went over the bike very well, made sure nothing was loose, deflated the tires and checked any little cuts for embedded glass etc as I did not care to fix a flat on the ride if I did not have to. I also packed what I would be taking and it would all fit in my Jersey pockects as I have no saddle bag.

1) Patch kit with extra CO2 catridges, also inside allen wrenchs, a small screwdriver and a extra "missing link" for my KMC chain.
2) Cell phone in zip lock bag with cash, drivers license & heath insurance card.
3) 2 extra inner tubes (why spend time patching and hoping it hold when you can put in a new one)
4) 3 Cliff Bars.
5) 2 Water bottles with Cytomax.

I know the route well and know where I can stop and get water, food, bathroom facilities etc, so I figured that would be enough, or a good start at least.

I left my house at 5:00 AM. Did I mention that there is an excessive heat warning today and it was 72 degrees at 5:00 AM?

At arouund 6:00 AM I stopped breifly outside a local cycle shop and had 1 of the Cliff bars, a quick pee behind the store (they are not open at 6:00 AM) and back on the bike.

@ 7:00 I had made it to the lake where there in a spot for water and a bathroom. At this point I had only drank 1.5 bottles and they were 500ml bottles so looking back I might not have hydrated enough in the beginning but it was not that hot yet and I had a good 20 oz before I left the house. Drank more water filled up the bottles, another pee and off again for the 1st trip around the lake.

This lake road is 10+- miles on each side of the lake and is rolling hills with a shoulder that is a full lane wide, very nice for riding, just watch out for rocks and broken glass.

About 7:45 I had made it 3/4 of the way aroun the lake and stopped briefly for Cliff bar #2.

Made it back to the lake stop for more water and another bathrrom break.

By the time I had made it 1/2 way around the lake a 2nd time it was getting hot and all I had been drinking was water for 2+ hours so I made a quick stop at a convience store for a 32 oz Gatorade and a protein bar. I realy wanted a banana but they did not have it so I thought some protein would not hurt.

Back on the bike, finished lake lap #2 and headed for home. By the time I made it to the bike shop that I stopped at originally, I was 1 hour from home and I stopped again for my last Cliff Bar and now that they were open, I refilled my water bottles.

The last hour was tough, it was getting very hot and there was now a 15-20 MPH, hot dry wind. I used those 2 water bottles in @ 45 minutes and figured I would just push on throught to get home the last 20+- minutes.

I made it!
103.71 miles.
Total time in the saddle: 5 hours 44 minutes 59 seconds
Total time since I left the house: 6 hours 23 minutes 50 seconds
Average speed: 18.03 MPH
Max Speed: 35.5 MPH

It was 91 degrees when I arrived home.

I was tired, thirsty, my bum was a little sore but all in all not to bad.

I think I may have not had enough calories as this is pretty much what I ate. Maybe someone who knows what they are talking about can reply. I weigh 180-185 pounds.

Breakfast @ 480 calories
3 Cliff Bars: 690 calories
2 bottles Cytomax 160 calories
1 Met-RX bar 320 calories
1 32 oz Gatorade 200 calories

Total: 1,850 calories.

Things I did why on this trip that I think were beneficial.

1) I tried to conserve energy. If I was doing over @ 22 MPH I tried to be in the drops as I could maintain the speed with less effort, a watt saved is a watt I can use on the next hill.

2) Try not to brake as much. Converting my momentum into heat in a brake pad is not very effecient either. By planning on when I need to brake I can coast to stop instead of pedaling to the last moment then having to break hard.

3) When decending a hill, normally that means soon I will be climbing another one. So while decending I tried to focus on my breathing. At 30+ miles per hour the wind is whipping past your face and I found that I would be taking shallow breaths. So while going downhill before the next climb I took deep breaths and forcefully exhaled so I would have as much oxygen as possible availble in my body at the start of the next climb.

4) Take time to move your hands around on the bars, shrug your shoulders, take a hand off and shake it out, flex you bucept, arch your back. Anything that help to strecth your upper body and it can get pretty stiff or sore being in the same position.

I am pleased with reaching a goal that i had set and plan on sleeping in on Sunday!

If I think of anything else I will add it later.

Happy riding!


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Congrats on your first Centyry.

My goal for this year is also to ride a Century, but at this point my butt starts hurting pretty bad around mile 50. I ride a Spezialized Toupe. But than I do not have as much saddle time as you. I propably ride twice a week on my road bike, twice on a MTB, sometimes I get a little swimming and jogging in. I know I need to increase my milage slowly.

So maybe in the late fall.
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